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MaxScalper Review Introduction

MaxScalper is 100% automated, was designed to take up to 7,000 trades per year and make money in all new normal market conditions.

Each trade started by the system lasts for a few minutes on average, one to two hours maximally.

It could earn 6 - 7 pips / trade on average.

Trading Idea

No Grid Trading, Martingale Strategies and no High Risk Techniques Of Any Kind.
Swing trading methods could hold positions for days or weeks making reliable gains for months, then chaos strikes suddenly, MaxScalper is not a swing trading EA.
Short term scalpers can clip a handful of pips on each win but they are too small to accommodate for their losses due to inaccuracies of the current new trading environment, MaxScalper isn't that type of EAs too.
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MaxScalper Criteria


MaxScalper Software with Instant Access and Lifetime Updates.

Compatible Brokers

All Broker Types are Compatible especially IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers.


Free 24/7 Professional Support.

Refund Policy

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Trading Strategy

Standard Deviation Channels

With many other confirmatory indicators this is a deceptively simple custom indicator used by MaxScalper according to which it goes long when the GBP hits the bottom of the channel while goes short when the GBP hits the top of the channel which is then used to determine the exit point with trailing stop protection.

The Triple Greenlight Confirmation Indicators

If current market clues like volatility, volume and price action resulted in all system indicators give a green light, a trade is automatically set by MaxScalper, if not, it keeps you safe.

Stop Loss & Take Profit Management

MaxScalper sets exits dynamically so that, if it signals more possible profits, it won't exit early clipping and maximizing profits in every trade.

Trailing Stop System

It allows MaxScalper to continue profiting on reversals and protect the account from loss waves that might swipe out the already made profits.

If a trade was started too early, MaxScalper start looking for the possible closest entry point, when found it's added to the position for a better average rate, then when the GBP corrects it direction, the system would either let the trades double your profits or close them out early to protect the account trying to achieve a breakeven or a small profit gain.

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Last Updated On Sun, 7 Feb 2016

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