Joker EA Review Introduction

It's important to note that the Joker EA SL hits seem to occur sometimes clearing a considerable portion of the profits despite it seems to be displaying an overall ascending balance. Given its profitable trade average size, it is just suitable with brokers providing very good spreads and execution.

Trading Idea

A scalping robot on trend pullbacks, resembling WallStreet Forex Robot. While its TP is set at 35 pips from the entry, it prefers to close most of the trades at 2-4 pips in profit and rarely keeps a trade running its full course. Its SL is set at 70 pips

Joker EA Criteria


Single: 1 live account, 1 demo account.
Full: 2 live accounts, 2 demo accounts.
VIP: 3 live accounts, 3 demo accounts.

NFA compliance


Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Dukascopy tick data backtests

The data set that the backtest run through, was obtained from the Dukascopy tick data archives, extends along the whole available 2007-2013 period and is using real spread.

Last Updated On Sat, 14 Dec 2013

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