Goldbull PRO Review Introduction

Goldbull PRO trades efficiently and is profiting continuously on its official major currency pairs since 2010 achieving a minimal drawdown with maximal profits!

It comes with many market leader innovations. It's a result of a full 8 years of hard work and development coding and finely tuning such a unique money maker trading algorithm with a built in money management settings and continuously get adjusted to the market.

It's a fully automated system, easy to setup, simple to activate and is both junior and proffessional trader friendly.

Trading Idea

It's a breakout trading system that calculates entry points according to the market trend support / resistance levels detection and analysis, it applies no martingale, no grid and no arbitrage trading
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Goldbull PRO Criteria


Two accounts for the PRO family version and One account for the other two versions.

Settings & Updates

All future updates are of ZERO Cost.


24/7 available customer support for the PRO and PRO Family versions only.

Compatible Brokers


Built-in Intelligent Addons

Available in the PRO and PRO Family versions only.

Supported Currency Pairs

EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY for the PRO and PRO Family versions and EUR/USD only for the basic Goldbull version

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Live Performance Results

Started On
Mar 30, 2015
Starting Balance
Demo Account
Started On
2015-04-27 00:00:00
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

The breakout trading style of Goldbull PRO is not a new concept, it's been used by top professional traders for years for its characteristic large profits.

A breakout is the point where the market price starts to break away or exit the current trading range which is determined by a high and a low price for a certain period of time.

The accepted market concept "Buy Low, Sell High" is risky and has no role here, instead "Buy High, Sell Higher" in a bull market and "Sell Low, Buy Back Lower" in a bear market are the accepted concepts for Forex market breakout trading.

Unlike other trading systems, breakout style systems don't wait for market reversal which may delay for weeks or months or even years in some markets to enter, but it join a market trend in motion which is more likely to continue than a market reverse.

Goldbull PRO is an intelligent fully automated breakout system always uses StopLoss and carefully manages every trade with built in money management system!

Last Updated On Sun, 4 Oct 2015

Talk about Goldbull PRO

Walter Chen Sat, 3 Sep 2016
goldbull pro is 100% SCAM, same as forex steroid and everex elite, i test it for 1 month and my $100 real live money account went down to $0. always look for real live money account trading!!!

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