FXOxygen Review Introduction

Trading Idea

FXOxygen is a martingale EA with a unique trading formula according to which it calculates certain trading hours everyday for opening its trades.
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FXOxygen Criteria


One license for a real account and unlimited licenses for demo.


Free lifetime updates.

Manual & Support

A detailed user manual with a 24/7 always friendly support are included.

Refund Policy

30 Day money back guarantee.

Recommended Minimum Balance

EURUSD: A minimum of $700 for Secure, $65 for Boost_1 and $55 for Boost_2 modes.UDSJPY: A minimum of $430 for Secure, $61 for Boost_1 and $72 for Boost_2 modes.

Recommended Lot Size

0.01 for both currency pairs on all modes, IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari are recommended.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Default Settings
Started On
Jul 17, 2018
Starting Balance
Default Settings
Started On
Apr 11, 2019
Starting Balance


FXOxygen has successfully passed a 10 year backtest with excellent results:

Boost Mode Backtests

This mode can be used to gain large profits in a short period of time, but it's still dangerous for your account.

Secure Mode Backtests

This mode is more safe and is recommended for long term profits generation.

Trading Strategy

FXOxygen has two trading modes; a secure (reliable) mode and a boost (aggressive) one, either of which uses the EA unique built-in formula to open trades within certain hours every day.
It has a smart drawdown control system that will not allow your balance to be exposed to loss greater than what you've specified in the EA settings.
This makes FXOxygen always in profit even after loss.

Input Parameters and Settings

Auto_Lot: The part of your account balance in percent which the FXOxygen is allowed to trade and automatically set the lot size according to it.

Secure_System: The reliable long-trem profits trading mode.

Boost1_SystemBoost2_System: The short term high profits modes with different values for TP, SL and trades opening timing.

Secure_Lot, Boost1_Lot & Boost2_Lot: It can be set to the desired lot size if Auto_Lot is set to "0".

Auto_GMTOffset: To detect the broker GMT automatically.

Manual_GMTOffset: It can be set to the desired GMT if Auto_GMTOffset is set to "false".

Slippage: It can be set to the desired Slippage manually, but be cautious when you modify this parameter.

MiniLot_Account: It should be enabled only for accounts with mini or micro lots not for standard and cent accounts with normal lot.

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