Forex Impulse Trader Review Introduction

Trading Idea

The trading strategy of Forex Impulse Trader main idea is detecting the impulse then opening two trades at the same time and direction.
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1 Real and 2 Demo Accounts.

Support & Updates

24/7 Support + Life-time Updates.

Broker / VPS Recommendation

All (including US based ones), While We Recommend Installing it on TradingFX VPS and Using it on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers for the Best Stability and Profitability.

Recommended Risk

A Reasonable Trading Risk of not more than 2% is Recommended.

Account Minimum Balance

It's Recommend to have at Least $500 - $1000 Account Balance.

Refund Policy

6-Day Money Back Guarantee is Offered by the Vendor.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Trading Strategy

Each of the two opened trades on impulse detection by Forex Impulse Trader has a separate take profits: FirstTrade_TP and SecondTrade_TP. When the first trade is closed with profit, the EA then sets a new take profit value for the other running trade. The preset SecondTrade_TP value in pips is added to the close price of the first trade to determine the second trade take profit value.

Forex Impulse Trader has an advanced integrated money and account management system. It also protects the account it's running on from unfair and deceptive brokers.

The loss recovery system existing in the EA can successfully compensate for the previous when enabled. During high spread and high slippage periods, the market condition is then unsuitable for trading, Forex Impulse Trader can detect that and protect the account.

Forex Impulse Trader has low drawdown on the 3rd party verified live accounts.

Last Updated On Tues, 24 Jul 2018

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