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Drive Gold Review Introduction

Drive Gold gives an advanced software trend analysis of Gold with the help of its advanced software and it helps the investor in making a right decision, at the right time. You just have to subscribe with Drive Gold, and after subscribing what you'll be doing is just setting up and 'Nothing', as Drive Gold does it automatically for you and MAKES MONEY.

Trading Idea

Drive Gold is an expert advisor trading gold using the grid basket strategy.
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Drive Gold Criteria

Refund policy

30 days.


1 resp., 3 live accounts and 3 demo accounts including support and upgrades.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe



Drive Gold is an uncommon expert advisor trading gold. It launches trading by opening two positions, one long and one short. Then more positions are included in the predominating trend direction whenever a movement of a certain price takes place. This is being ended by closing all the positions once the basket over them has reached a known profit, after that a new turn is launched.

Assuming that the gold price follows a trend is the base idea of Drive Gold trading strategy. If the gold price moves in a slowly increasing range, long and short positions are almost evenly distributed to disallow the close of the basket. A final closure of the basket may requires several weeks or even months till a new trend formation is made.

Last Updated On Sun, 8 Dec 2013

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