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Bounce Trader Review Introduction

Bounce Trader was developed by a person called Charlie Hudson as disclosed on the EA official website.

Bounce Trader is 100% automated.  All you have to do is install it to your Forex broker platform, Meta Trader 4.  Which is provided free by most Forex brokers (see our recommendations in the review intro).

It’s easy to install and comes with detailed instructions, but we are here to help if you run into any problems or confusion – so no need to worry.

Once you have set up Bounce Trader it will open, manage, and close trades for you automatically.  You don’t have to do anything it will run on its own and work to build up your trading profits.

It’s that easy.  It doesn’t matter if you have experience or no experience.  You don’t have to be tech-savvy.  This investment system is for anyone looking to get a competitive edge in the Forex market with a stable low-risk system.

Trading Idea

No Grid, No Hedging, No Martingale, and No Massive StopLoss. But a strong evolved Money Management System.

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Bounce Trader Criteria


According to the Package purchased, a License for One Year or Lifetime.

Broker / VPS

FXTrackPRO trades well on most brokers, while we recommend trading with FXTrackPRO on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers via TradingFX VPS Forex VPS for the best stability and profitability.


24/7 hands on support.


An over the internet mechanism is included allowing the EA developers to update the software and improve the settings without you having to actually make any changes.


A detailed setup guide with the best recommendations is included.

Refund Policy

30 day success and satisfactory guarantee.  This means that if for any reason at all within the next 30 days if you are not happy with the system or success of it.  The vendor will refund you as disclosed in their official website.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


3rd Party Verified Live Trading Results

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Started On
May 13, 2020
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Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

The logic to enter/exit the market in Bounce Trader is not so different from many other expert Advisors in the market but it trades less and makes One trade at a time.

But the feature making it superior to others is its powerful Money management system, it applied the rule "20% of trading is about the strategy, the other 80% is the trade management".

Without proper trade management, everything falls apart – even if the strategy is super accurate.

Traders make the mistake, maybe you too, of focusing on the best strategy, but that’s a mistake.  The management of your trades is the most important piece and can determine your success or failure.

Bounce Trader strictly trades with the lowest risk methods.

There are 3 components to The Bounce Trader strategy that determines when a trade is opened and in what direction (buy or sell).

Utilizing multiple components in a strategy is important because independently they are not as accurate, but when combined accuracy increases creating a more reliable, consistent, and profitable result.

The 3 components are trading - momentum, price action, and key levels.


The system will determine oversold and overbought levels based on various momentum indicators.  This helps the system determine if a reversal of movement is coming.

Bounce Trader

Price Action

Examining the candlesticks, their highs, lows, size, and positioning, helps the system to predict the direction of the market.

Bounce Trader Price Action

Key Levels

There are different levels of support and resistance in the market.  By trading around them, understanding them, and respecting them, the system increases its chance of success in each and every trade.

Bounce Trader Key Levels

So the best part is you don’t have to worry about all this if you don’t understand it, because Bounce Trader is fully automated and trades for you, it opens, manages, and closes trades.

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Last Updated On Sun, 15 May 2022

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