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Algorithmic trading, the so-called, automated Forex trading, is a way to gather and coordinate the ideas and principles of one or more of the other manual Forex trading strategies into one computer application that runs on a trading platform like MT4 to give orders to it according to its programming conditions to buy or sell a certain amount of a currency pair at a specific time frame.

As mentioned, this kind of computer program is based on signals derived from technical analysis strategies, this is done by adding instructions to the software to search for certain signals and determine the way of interpreting them. Highly developed advanced platforms as NetTradeX, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5 come with complementary integrated platforms that allow for such algorithmic trading.

Developing a Forex trading strategy by robots and programs mainly aims to avoid the emotional aspect of manual trading, as it is believed that the psychological interaction with trades prevents them from being reasonable and often impacts trades negatively.

It waits for the market's best situation to open trades, by setting the maximum drawdown value for all the trades or for each tradable currency pair separately, it guarantees an unprecedented control over the account balance it's trading. It can also run alone or simultaneously with other Forex Robots.
Currency Pairs: EURGBP and AUDUSD
TimeFrame: M30
Updated On: Sat Feb 18th, 2017
91 total votes.
Einstein Trader is a price action frequent scalper, an automated Forex system with safety filters, no high stop loss, quick – in and out trades, no grid trading and no martingale.
TimeFrame: M1
Updated On: Thu Jan 19th, 2017
258 total votes.
Inertia Trader uses the idea of price inertia and its trading behavior is mainly based on the price momentum physical properties.
As the fundamental market principles form the core of its trading function and it doesn't trade based on past historical data, there is no need for it to be regularly optimized.
Currency Pairs: EURUSD
TimeFrame: M1
Updated On: Tue Jan 3rd, 2017
58 total votes.
As a non-Grid, non-Martingale system, RayBOT relies for its trading on price swings between Support / Resistance levels. It is a frequent trader achieving a trading rate of about 5 to 10 trades a week on each currency pair.
TimeFrame: M15
Updated On: Thu Jun 23rd, 2016
44 total votes.
PowerfulForex is a non-indicator dependent Forex robot - uses no indicators in its algorithm, but computes the entry and exit points according to its precise analysis of the market movement in the past days.
Currency Pairs: AUDUSD, EURUSD
TimeFrame: H1
Updated On: Thu Apr 28th, 2016
76 total votes.
As its name suggests, Hedge Track Trader uses a hedge trading strategy that appears to be a safe one with low risk and it could yield high profits. Its integrated algorithm is designed to adapt to the continuously changing market conditions and intelligently managing trades and risk, lock-in profits and strictly limit drawdowns.
Currency Pairs: 20 Different Currency Pairs
TimeFrame: M15
Updated On: Wed Apr 6th, 2016
99 total votes.
No Grid Trading, Martingale Strategies and no High Risk Techniques Of Any Kind.
Swing trading methods could hold positions for days or weeks making reliable gains for months, then chaos strikes suddenly, MaxScalper is not a swing trading EA.
Short term scalpers can clip a handful of pips on each win but they are too small to accommodate for their losses due to inaccuracies of the current new trading environment, MaxScalper isn't that type of EAs too.
Currency Pairs: GBPUSD
TimeFrame: All
Updated On: Sun Feb 7th, 2016
54 total votes.
Benefit EA automatically sets TP on a minimum number of points of the price without being discovered by the broker until all trades are closed with the ability to open the next series order manually then the EA will calculate the potentially profitable TP for the entire series and continue to work according to its core algorithm.
TimeFrame: M1, M5 and M15
Updated On: Tue Feb 2nd, 2016
100 total votes.
Scalp Trader PRO monitors and detects trends on the MT4 chart using moving averages, price action, and some other powerful tools ignoring weak trends and looking only for the strong ones.
Once there is a potential kick in an opposing direction, the system will use its meticulous intelligent algorithm to scan and analyze it and determine if it's just a temporary move or not and signals a continuation pattern starting.
It generally trades every week, but sporadic days with no trades can exist, this is how it avoids unnecessary risk for the account.
Currency Pairs: EURUSD
TimeFrame: M15
Updated On: Wed Dec 9th, 2015
63 total votes.