What is  the Right Timeframe for the Best Currency Pair to Trade Now?

This is a frequently asked question and this post might give a logic answer!

This is not something like EUR/USD on 15-minute timeframe or USD/CHF on daily, it's not that simple, but simple enough to find out!

The main obstacle here is that the market is always changing, so if USD/CHF in the past was an excellent trending currency pair, it's not now and another pair has taken its place.

There is an easy and powerful ultimate solution that can explore and discover the best trending pairs in the Forex market along the day and every day!

==> Forex Trendy

This is a brilliant software that scans 34 Forex currency pairs on every timeframe from 1-minute to 1-month and let you know exactly the best trending pair in the current time and the right timeframe for it to trade.

This is not a portable or installable software that you can keep running on your computer, its developers are keeping it on their official private server where their members can use it any time.

It's not a Forex robot and won't place any orders on behalf of you, it has no trading strategy to perform but it can dramatically amplify the gains such tools can make.

==> Forex Trendy

No more need for reading heavy Forex books, buy other software or wasting more time trying to learn a few tricks or strategies to trade Forex successfully, this is a very easy and simple tool that can increase the profitability of other systems or Forex robots.

For example; if you have a Forex system that makes 50% win rate, the other 50% will be lost trades, if you increased the win rate by 20% it'll be 70% at the expense of the losing trades which would be only 30%, but how could this be approached?

Nothing complicated! just determine the best tradable currency pair for the current time and the right timeframe to trade it and follow the trend, and you can do this easily using Forex Trendy.

Then you'll be able to reduce unnecessary losses that result from very short-term trends by following the direction of a strong trend instead of making many trials hunting the market whenever a potential trade shows up, focus only on the best ones.

This is how successful traders make their success; trade less and make more, so simple!

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[Last Modified On Sun, 22 Mar 2015]
Published On Sun, 22 Mar 2015

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