Published on Fri Jun 13th, 2014

Mark Reid - the Broker Arbitrage author - has declared two announcements today, one is favored and the other is not good;

First, the good one is that he has decided to extend the instant rebate a little longer so the price won't be raised just YET.

But the bad one is that copies are rapidly consumed, and once they are over, the doors close.

If you well understand the idea and how profitable this robot is, I seriously recommend you not to lose another minute without getting a copy for your own, and just try it out. There is no risk, nothing is there to lose.

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The instant rebate is assigned just for the first 75 copies, the sold number is going to reach that soon, and then the rebate will expire and the price will rise.

Take into consideration that there is a unique 2 point money back guarantee, there is no risk to get engaged now and lock in your copy.

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