RayBOT Captured The Last Week Prices High Jump

In the last week we have started engaging RayBOT on a RoboForex real account, it was performing well over the last half of that week after we've just started our test. On Fri, 1st April, all the currencies traded by the EA which are AUDUSD, EURUSD and USDCAD had their prices suddenly into a high jump, and our hero was there!

On both of AUDUSD and USDCAD pairs, it has passed the first arm of the jump but reaped good pips from its rebound that followed in wonderful chart top to bottom trade arrows through the whole rebound. The reverse occurred with EURUSD that gained less pips than the other two pairs making a sum of 174.7 pips by the three pairs just in one day during a few hours of that day as seen in the 3 pairs MT4 screenshot:

For AUDUSD, RayBOT has done the following

It has gone long when the price was 0.76166 with 0.02 lot size, 0.75812 StopLoss and 0.78072 TakeProfit.

Then when the price has reached 0.76718 after 4h 0m, it has closed this trade making 55.2 pips.

RayBOT on AUDUSD on Fri 1st April 2016

For EURUSD, RayBOT has done the following

It has gone short when the price was 1.14109 with 0.02 lot size, 1.14459 StopLoss and 1.12909 TakeProfit.

Then when the price has reached 1.13764 after 3h 0m, it has closed this trade making 34.5 pips.

In this screenshot and after the EA has closed the previous trade on EURUSD, it has gone short again on the same pair in a trade that was not closed before the end of the week and should pass the whole weekend to be continued in the next week, so it can be ignored for now!

RayBOT on EURUSD on Fri 1st April 2016

For USDCAD, RayBOT has done the following

It has gone short when the price was 1.31279 with 0.02 lot size, 1.31638 StopLoss and 1.28948 TakeProfit.

Then when the price has reached 1.30429 after 3h 59m, it has closed this trade making 85.0 pips.

RayBOT on USDCAD on Fri 1st April 2016

Bottom Line

We are running this live test on a real account of just $600 starting balance along with another demo account on the same broker RoboForex and RayBOT has exactly the same behavior on both accounts with minimal ignorable differences. We did not yet publish either accounts full statement verified by MyfxBook or FxBlue as they are still new fresh accounts, but we will do when there is enough data in them to be published and till then, we will keep publishing important actions taken by the EA here!

By the way, RayBOT performance is not affected by the execution speed / ping response times by any way, so if you have a stable internet connection and not suffering from frequent PC power loss or system caches you may not need to run your MT4 with the EA on a VPS. For maximum stability, we use FXVM VPS as a reliable Forex VPS host to run the EA on our real account.

We think that RayBOT is a promising Expert Advisor and its developers team are doing a great job and it's worth what was paid for it!

Published On Sun, 3 Apr 2016

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