The best gold forex trading expert advisors criteria
Golden Pickaxe

In the world of forex trading, expert advisors have become essential tools for traders looking to maximize their profits. These automated systems use advanced algorithms and trading strategies to analyze market data and execute trades on behalf of the trader. With the popularity of gold forex trading on the rise, many traders are now in search of the best expert advisors

What is The Best Performing AI Language Model Today?
Perceptrader AI

It's worthwhile to know what the best-performing AI language models are and how they compare since Perceptrader AI EA uses large language models to help with market analysis. This topic deserves a closer look. Different AI model LLMs can be compared to each other and measured in several ways. The LLM performance can be evaluated using a variety of methods, thanks to a resource made by professional computer scientists. Three different ways of measuring performance are presented in a simple table.

Thurs, 28 Sep 2023
Why to trade with ASIC Brokers?
IC Markets

Over 150 brokers have been reviewed and traded with since 2011. Over 250 factors across 9 key areas have been analyzed to find out the most suitable ASIC-regulated brokers. By comparing them, we have identified the top performers in various categories. We provide reliable and trusted opinions from a team of trading experts with decades of combined experience. ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) accredited brokers are a good option ...

+7200% Account Growth, +64 Months in Profit and New World Record
Waka Waka

As Waka Waka continues its journey towards excellence, it has reached another significant milestone today: A new world record has been achieved by Valery Trading in the Expert Advisor niche by achieving 64 consecutive months of profit. Achieving this result demonstrates Waka Waka Expert Advisor's enduring strength. Valeriia Mishchenko - the EA chief developer - ensures that she is ...

The Alpari VIP Program Special Forex Trading Conditions for Special Clients

ALP bonus points are awarded for account deposits, trading, and other routine operations. Discounts, refunds, or cash can be exchanged for these points. With Alpari Cashback, high status entitles you to more opportunities, privileges, and bonuses. Depending on your cumulative account balance, you will be notified of your status. Up to 20% Spread refund. Up to 20% ECN commission refund. Up to 100% Deposit commission refund. Up to 40% Improved conversion rate.

Significant Perceptrader AI Update
Perceptrader AI

Since releasing Perceptrader AI, Valery Trading developers team claimed that they received many suggestions to improve the Expert Advisor and make it more flexible for different types of traders, with different needs and wants. Therefore, they've made a compilation of all of them and implemented the ones that can enhance the EA the most.

Trade More, Get More with Tickmill!

Earn Cash Rewards While You Trade Get Paid For Every Lot Traded In FX, Gold, And Silver Tickmill Forex broker managers believe in rewarding their clients for their loyalty, efforts, and passion for trading! That’s why they created this exclusive promotion, offering their clients the possibility to earn twice, from their trades and cash rebates! Make the most of their superior trading conditions, cutting-edge trading tools, indicators, and market alerts to gain an advantage...

Tickmill Annual Mena Tesla and 27,000 USD Raffle 2023

Tickmill Deluxe Annual Draw Exclusively for traders and Introducing Brokers In Arab Countries! Tesla car and cash prizes of $27,000 Trade Now! *Terms and conditions apply, trading involves risk of loss The higher your trading volume, the more times your name will be entered into the draw, and the higher your chance of winning The annual draw for the Arab region 2023 Bigger trading volumes, more chances to win Tesla Model 3 car, and 6 cash prizes.

Waka Waka World Record, Again!
Waka Waka

Yesterday, on 6th August 2023, Waka Waka achieved yet another monumental milestone in its journey to greatness: Valery Trading, the EA creators team, has reached an astonishing 63 consecutive months in profit, for which they still hold the world record in the Expert Advisor niche. To have 63 months of consistent profits is a testament to the unwavering power of their Expert Advisor's trading strategy. They claim this fills them with immense pride to see how far they've come...

Here's ChatGPT/Bard market filter in action
Perceptrader AI

Last week, we observed trending price action on the AUDCAD and NZDCAD pairs. You can see what it looked like in the screenshots. Any grid system trading long during this movement would have got a drawdown. However, the Perceptrader AI's ChatGPT/Bard filter kept us safe from it as it has clearly forbidden any buy positions for the whole week. Of course, that's just one example, but it demonstrates how it works. The ChatGPT/Bard filter detects higher chances of trending downside movements —> notifies traders about it —> Perceptrader AI refrains from trading in the direction opposite to the potential trending movement.

Deeper Into Perceptrader AI - FAQs
Perceptrader AI

After the very recent release of Perceptrader AI a few days ago, here are the answers to the 10 most frequent questions asked by its users: Is Perceptrader AI an upgrade of Waka Waka? There's not a lot of similar code at the core of them, despite the fact that they are both mean-reversion grid systems. As a machine learning EA, Perceptrader AI learned market rules and dynamics completely by itself.

Thurs, 27 Jul 2023
Perceptrader AI
The wait is over! Perceptrader AI is now available at your fingertips, ready to help you conquer the markets like never before. You can now empower yourself with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies, and take your trading to the highest levels. Secure NOW your very own copy of Perceptrader AI: MQL Market for MetaTrader 4 for 1200 USD. MQL Market for MetaTrader 5 for 1200 USD. or at Valeriia Mishchenko's official website for just 1080 USD (extra 10% OFF).
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