None Stoppable, Valeriia Mishchenko Plans for 2024!
Valery Trading

As Christmas has just finished and the New Year's holiday is over, Valery Trading, the well-known EA developers team members send their wishes to all their customers and then continue to work for the new year, perfectly as usual. They've shared a sneak peek of what's on the horizon for them in 2024!

Valeriia Mishchenko End of Year Announcement!
Valery Trading

As 2023 draws to a close, Valeriia Mishchenko found it a good chance to reflect on a year marked by immense growth and exciting developments. Valery Trading are now celebrating their collective achievements Launch of Perceptrader AI: A significant milestone in Valery Trading developers team journey, offering a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence powered EA, integrated with ChatGPT & Google Bard AI.

Significant Golden Pickaxe Update! v2.17
Golden Pickaxe

Valery Trading developers team have recently announced latest Golden Pickaxe update, v2.17, featuring over 25 new features and enhancements! This update is particularly significant as it introduces a variety of money and risk management parameters designed to provide users with more control and safety in their trading strategies. Additionally, Valery Trading team has incorporated specific parameters to better align with the rules and requirements of prop trading firms.

New Help Center from Valeriia Mishchenko
Valery Trading

Valery Trading vendor and developers team have recently announced the launch of their all-in-one Help Center! They've created this section by gathering all of their valuable Expert Advisor PDF guides and compiling them into one easy-to-access place. Key Features of Valery Trading Help Center Online Accessibility: Visit anytime, anywhere! Search Function: Quickly find exactly what you need with a simple search.

The flash crash of 2010 and Navinder Singh Sarao
Perceptrader AI
The flash crash of 2010 was a significant event that occurred in the stock market, resulting in a massive decline in share prices that lasted only for a few minutes. One of the key figures involved in the flash crash was Navinder Singh Sarao, a London-based trader who was accused of playing a role in the crash through his algorithmic trading. The flash crash of 2010 On May 6, 2010, the stock market experienced a sudden and inexplicable decline in share prices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (
Mon, 25 Dec 2023
67 Months
Waka Waka

Guess what? About a month ago, Waka Waka set, once again, a world record: 67 months of continuous profit in a live account Valeriia Mishchenko's Waka Waka Expert Advisor! Valery Trading developers team ensure that they are not just talking about staying afloat; they're talking about soaring high with a staggering +7700% growth...

Sun, 24 Dec 2023
BIG Waka Waka Update
Waka Waka

After dedicating several months to enhancing Waka Waka Valery Trading - the EA developer - has announced the launch of the v4.29 update! This update introduces +30 new parameters, many in response to client requests. These additions aim to improve Waka's performance, offering greater flexibility to adapt to the preferences of each one of you. Additionally, the update enhances Waka's compatibility with the demands of multiple prop firms.

Crypto: to buy or not to buy?
Valery Trading
Several people have made a lot of money from recent crypto market developments. Recently, some people have become increasingly excited about cryptocurrency. The reasons for being excited are numerous. Any professional crypto trader that used to trade for the past few years, often finds himself asking old questions like: "Should I buy now? Would it be better if I waited for a drawdown? What are the best altcoins to buy?" and so on. Some important thoughts will be declared in this post
Smart Scalper PRO Version 1.7 Release and Christmas Offer!
Smart Scalper PRO

A few days ago, FXAutomater have announced the release of mart Scalper PRO Version 1.7, packed with new features and improvements to enhance everyone's trading experience. New Features in Version 1.7 NFA Compatibility: Introducing a new parameter - NFA. Enable or disable compatibility for NFA-regulated brokers with a simple true/false setting. No_Hedge Option: Another valuable addition - No_Hedge. Choose whether to enable or disable hedging.

30% OFF for 48 hrs in Valery's 2023 Black Friday Offer is Live Now!
Valery Trading
This is it - the biggest offer of the year for Valery Trading has officially launched! Valery Trading's 2023 Black Friday SALE Secure your Expert Advisor today and elevate your trading game with a massive 40% OFF discount. Remember, opportunities concerning Valery Trading's Expert Advisor like this don't come often. In fact, there won't be another offer like this for a while. If you've been waiting
StrategyQuant offers its Black Friday biggest discount of 2023
StrategyQuant X

As a Trader, with StrategyQuant X you can Enjoy the following Find high quality, robust, uncorrelated trading strategies automatically. Change the way you trade and build portfolio of profitable trading strategies without programming skills! All you need for your Trading is here StrategyQuant X Software All-in-one solution which allows everyone to create new strategies for any market and timeframe. Portfolio of Trading Strategies Well balanced portfolio which passed all StrategyQuant X's robustness tests...

Up to 80% Off on All FxAutomater's EAs PLUS Bonus Trend Matrix EA

As the holiday season approaches, FXAutomater - the well known Expert Advisor developers team - have some exciting news that's sure to make this Black Friday extra special for their clients. Exclusive Black Friday Promotion: Up to 80% Off on All EAs + Bonus EA: Trend Matrix EA FXAutomater's Black Friday promotion is there, and it's your chance to boost your earnings with unbeatable discounts of up to 80% on All EAs + Bonus EA: Trend Matrix EA

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