FBS 12th Anniversary $1,200,000 Prizes Celebration
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The trading tournament where anyone can win!

FBS celebrates the 12th anniversary with prizes totaling $1,200,000, Make them yours! From February 1st till July 1st, 2021, take part in the tournament, get top places in ratings and participate in raffles. Don’t miss your chance to get a big prize!

You can win in the biggest raffle of our tournament. Even if you did not participate before.

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How does the Chinese New Year 2021 Ox Butt the markets
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The Chinese zodiac Also called Sheng Xiao and Shu Xiang is expressed by 12 animal signs in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Its origin is since the ancient zoolatry forming a history of over 2,000 years, with great importance in the Chinese culture, not only used to represent years in China but those 12 Chinese zodiac animals in a cycle also believed to influence the personalities, career, compatibility, marriage, and fortune of
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Tue Jan 19th, 2021
E-currency exchange websites
About:  Magnetic Exchange
As a Forex trader, have you ever try to open an account in a Forex broker that has no accessible payment processor for you? Did you face a problem while trying to withdraw your earnings from your Forex broker to your bank account or visa card? Now it's so much easier to have your earnings as cash in your hands! Recently, many e-currency exchange websites are providing their exchange conversion to traders between Bitcoin, Neteller, Ethereum, and other currencies'. While just a few of
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Automated Forex Tools experienced in Forex Robots (Expert Advisors / EAs) development, which are used by Forex traders as tools for automated or semi-automated currencies buying and selling in the well known Forex market that offers endless opportunities. Automated Forex Tools tend to help Forex traders to achieve very satisfying profits using their Forex Robots. Their team has developed
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FXAutomater 2020 Christmas Special Offer of 40% OFF on All Forex Robots!
About:  FXAutomater
FXAutomater are a professional Forex traders successful team with more than 15 years trading experience, 10 years in developing automated trading systems, a team of dedicated investors, active Forex traders, and programmers aiming to develop, research, test, and reveal Forex trading strategies and systems, so that every Forex trader can benefit from it. As it used to every year, FXAutomater has applied today its 2020 Christmas special Offer of 40% OFF on All its [link][/index.html][
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The Interesting Volatility Factor PRO News Filter Abilities
About:  Volatility Factor Pro
Volatility Factor Pro version 2.2 is the latest available version of the robot till date and can be downloaded in the official website member area. What's new in Volatility Factor Pro version 2.2? The robot trading strategy has been improved and optimized for the market conditions. During High Impact News and Events some traders prefer not to trade as some unexpected big movements could occur during these periods that's why an advanced News Filter has been integrated
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Commercial Network Services 2020 Black Friday 50% OFF VPS Plans
About:  Commercial Network Services
50% OFF on your Next Purchase! Use the coupon code in this article for your next purchase at Commercial Network Services to get 50% off the price! Virtual Server ? When you need to access a computer anytime anywhere you need via an always up and accessible VPS. Data Center location should be chose closest to the broker you are trading in to minimize the latency. This VPS can be accessed using a PC, a laptop, smart phones and
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Early 2020 Black Friday Sale, 50% OFF on all EAs!
About:  FXAutomater
As FXAutomater family is expanding to include more than 15 successful profitable Expert Advisors, this year it has started its BLACK FRIDAY campaign early! Following the success of last year's BLACK FRIDAY campaign, so do not miss this opportunity! Here are FXAutomater BLACK FRIDAY offers: WallStreet 2.0 Evolution -50% OFF => $174 (Regular Price: $347) Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro -50% OFF => $174 (Regular Price: $347) Forex Trend Detector -50% OFF =>
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Early 2020 Black Friday Sale! 50% OFF on all EAs!
About:  Automated Forex Tools
This year, decided to start its Black Friday Promotion early! The campaign has already started. All of their forex robots are discounted with 50% OFF from the regular price! Here are special Black Friday prices: Dynamic Pro Scalper: $44 (regular price $89) Forex Pulse Detector: $39 (regular price $79) Forex Trend Hunter: $34 (regular price $69) Forex Profit Defender: $34 (regular price $69) Forex Impulse Trader
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A Global Economic Crisis is Hidden Behind a Pandemic of Simple Pneumonia
About:  IC markets
As the BBC and economist Mohamed El Erian reported: "Because of the" coronavirus "in the very near future, the world will face economic problems that will be more serious and widespread than anything that the majority of the population of developed countries has ever experienced." Rather, it is not the coronavirus that will cause these economic shocks, but simply it will “hide” them (since they have been brewing for a long time) and the people will believe that
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New version 1.1 of Omega Trend EA has been Released
About:  Omega Trend EA

FXAutomater would like to inform you that they have released a new version of Omega Trend EA. The new version is 1.1 and it is available for downloading in the member area. FXAutomater have made some general changes in Omega Trend EA. They have improved and optimized the trading logic, they have added some additional systems and new parameters. There are also new .set files for the supported pairs.

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$1,000,000 RoboForex Giveaway 10 Years Anniversary Celebration
About:  RoboForex

To Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary of RoboForex, A giveaway of over 200 prizes worth $1,000,000

From October 2020 to May 2021

  • 30 winners each month Take your chance to become one of the 30 winners each month.
  • х3 chances to win You can receive up to 3 Coupons per month for participation in the promotion.
  • 100k a monthly prize pool Win up to $20,000 each month before a Grand Prix giveaway.
  • A Grand Prix with a prize pool of $300,000 In May 2021, all Coupons that didn’t take part over the previous 7 months will participate in the final giveaway of 30 prizes.
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