66 Consecutive Months in the Green Waka Waka New World Record
Waka Waka

Recently, Valery Trading developers team, have announced that they were thrilled to, once again, share a momentous achievement with all of their clients. Waka Waka Expert Advisor, has done it again! On November 6th, a few days ago, Valery Trading developers team have achieved 66 consecutive months of profits, setting a new world record within the Expert Advisor niche. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is ...

Prices are increasing in 48 hours, once more!
Valery Trading

All licenses for Valeriia Mishchenko's Expert Advisors at their present prices are now taken. To ensure controlled user numbers, maintain high-quality support, and prevent broker liquidity challenges, Valeriia Mishchenko's EAs' prices will soon rise. You have just 48 hours before the prices adjust. If you wish to seize this chance, follow the links below: Get your Perceptrader AI

Robot Revolution - AI and the Future of Humanity
Perceptrader AI

Seeing what technologies lie ahead of us in future AI developments would be interesting, wouldn't it? It is not possible to predict the future, but we can do the next logical thing - we can use prediction markets. If you haven't read the previous post about them, this can give us some indications of what to expect. This post will be divided into three parts. We will begin by discussing the most recent AI advancements ...

Benefits of Gold Trading Over Other Instruments in Forex
Golden Pickaxe
Gold trading in the Forex market has become increasingly popular among investors in recent years, and for good reason. With its unique properties and characteristics, gold offers numerous advantages over other instruments in the market. From its ability to act as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties to its potential for substantial profits, gold trading in Forex provides investors with a range of benefits that cannot be
Important Update for WallStreet Forex Robot
WallStreet Forex Robot 3.0 Domination

A number of exciting updates and changes have been made to the latest versions of WallStreet Forex Robot 3.0 Domination - and all other FXAutomater robots - from FXAutomater. MT5 Version Bug Fix A minor bug related to large account numbers has been fixed in the MT5 versions of their robots. Improved order filling In the MT5 version, FXAutomater have removed the "Order_Filling_Fok" parameter altogether. In place of that, robots automatically select the best order filling method for your trades.

Eventually Humanity may Go Extinct
Perceptrader AI

Humanity may end up extinct in the near future. Prediction markets are the most popular tool humans invented for predicting the future, which is a pretty bold claim. Let's take a closer look at this concept: Imagine a world of brilliant experts, experts in a variety of fields, working night and day to predict the future. What would they come up with? Wouldn't that be awesome? A team like this already exists, and it's called the market.

The best gold forex trading expert advisors criteria
Golden Pickaxe

In the world of forex trading, expert advisors have become essential tools for traders looking to maximize their profits. These automated systems use advanced algorithms and trading strategies to analyze market data and execute trades on behalf of the trader. With the popularity of gold forex trading on the rise, many traders are now in search of the best expert advisors

What is The Best Performing AI Language Model Today?
Perceptrader AI

It's worthwhile to know what the best-performing AI language models are and how they compare since Perceptrader AI EA uses large language models to help with market analysis. This topic deserves a closer look. Different AI model LLMs can be compared to each other and measured in several ways. The LLM performance can be evaluated using a variety of methods, thanks to a resource made by professional computer scientists. Three different ways of measuring performance are presented in a simple table.

Thurs, 28 Sep 2023
Why to trade with ASIC Brokers?
IC Markets

Over 150 brokers have been reviewed and traded with since 2011. Over 250 factors across 9 key areas have been analyzed to find out the most suitable ASIC-regulated brokers. By comparing them, we have identified the top performers in various categories. We provide reliable and trusted opinions from a team of trading experts with decades of combined experience. ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) accredited brokers are a good option ...

+7200% Account Growth, +64 Months in Profit and New World Record
Waka Waka

As Waka Waka continues its journey towards excellence, it has reached another significant milestone today: A new world record has been achieved by Valery Trading in the Expert Advisor niche by achieving 64 consecutive months of profit. Achieving this result demonstrates Waka Waka Expert Advisor's enduring strength. Valeriia Mishchenko - the EA chief developer - ensures that she is ...

The Alpari VIP Program Special Forex Trading Conditions for Special Clients

ALP bonus points are awarded for account deposits, trading, and other routine operations. Discounts, refunds, or cash can be exchanged for these points. With Alpari Cashback, high status entitles you to more opportunities, privileges, and bonuses. Depending on your cumulative account balance, you will be notified of your status. Up to 20% Spread refund. Up to 20% ECN commission refund. Up to 100% Deposit commission refund. Up to 40% Improved conversion rate.

Significant Perceptrader AI Update
Perceptrader AI

Since releasing Perceptrader AI, Valery Trading developers team claimed that they received many suggestions to improve the Expert Advisor and make it more flexible for different types of traders, with different needs and wants. Therefore, they've made a compilation of all of them and implemented the ones that can enhance the EA the most.

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