No More Outdated Forex Robots

As Forex Megadroid went live, it has rocked the Forex industry as was predicted ...

Some powerful facts about the robot are already known but what was revealed recently simply raised the bar quite a few levels ...


  • 2009-13: 6,894.36% (1068 days)
  • 2008: 623.47%
  • 2007: 612.91%
  • 2006: 333.05%
  • 2005: 810.70%

The previous years results are displayed here as well:

Forex Megadroid Backtests

BREAKING 1,000% In 2014

This amazing forex robot is on its way to break the 1,000% net profit level for 2014 ...

It's one of the few that are really able to achieve this feat simply due to its advanced Artificial Intelligence break/through: RCTPA.

This can be clarified in two points:

  1. It's able to precisely see into the immediate future, with a 95.86% accuracy rate, in fact.
  2. It's a MULTI-MARKET condition robot, where it adapts itself to any and every market condition (the premier robot with this capability).

Due to these two unique features, this robot will surpass ANY other robot on the market in a short period of time.

Many mor details about these and other features are disclosed here:

Forex Megadroid Website

Brokers playing "dirty tricks"

Many people have been asking this as the main problems that Forex robots have been facing lately.

This means that brokers will do whatever is in their power to limit a robot from making more profits as it should make.

Of course, not every broker is doing this, but you can't confirm that the broker you are trading with is not one of them.

HOWEVER, Forex Megadroid doesn't concern about that!

Thanks to the unprecedented "Broker Buster" mechanism that John and Albert have announced to be included in their tool, no broker could ever detect the robot trading in your platform, so it won't limit its performance!

More information about this mechanism are here:

Broker Buster Mechanism

P.S. The robot is available now at a very special price that is rising up soon. Take advantage here:

Official Website

Published On Mon, 9 Jun 2014

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