Published on Sun Mar 2nd, 2014

The United States Copyright Office has registered a brand-new and unparalleled technology. It's Forex Striker!

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A so powerful technology that its authors claim to be able to generate an average of 9214% on your deposit per year! If that was true, you will be able to turn $500 into more than $46,000, the authors also strongly confirm that this has truly occurred, in live trading, not just during backtesting!

Now let your imagination describe how much could the profits be with $1,000 or even $10,000! Leaving the same amount of funds in your bank account could harm it with fees and inflation!

And the EA authors have confessed that it was making these profits for them for the past 7 years, while nobody else was aware of it! No FX trader neither any other super FX EA could even come close to such a performance...

The EA developers are a team of 8 European guys from the technology research leading nations specialized in different fields such as:

  • Finance
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Cybernetics
  • Algorithmic Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence

Once, Forex Striker was just a hobby for them, but now it turned into a real challenge .. and at the moment that they realized the real power of this code, they filed for a patent. And got it granted!

You need to experience the real performance of that robot as it's simply astonishing!

You will be impressed. But don't be too late as this info won't stay up forever.

P.S. I could get a copy for myself 2 days ago and It already made me 12% profit .. STRIKING smiley

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