No More Outdated Forex Robots
Forex Megadroid
As Forex Megadroid went live, it has rocked the Forex industry as was predicted ... Some powerful facts about the robot are already known but what was revealed recently simply raised the bar quite a few levels ... As a start, PERFORMANCE 2009-13: 6,894.36% (1068 days) 2008: 623.47% 2007: 612.91% 2006: 333.05% 2005: 810.70% The previous years results are displayed here as well: Forex Megadroid Backtests BREAKING 1,000% In 2014 This amazing forex robot is on its way to break the 1,000% net profit
A True Forex Multi-Market Condition Robot
Forex Megadroid
For the last 21 years, no similar Forex robot has appeared in the market ... This is true multi-market condition robot: trending, non-trending, volatile and non-volatile ... The Forex Megadroid accuracy rate reaches 95.82% (95 profitable trades out of 100 !). Single market condition robots are now old technology based, that could gain great profits during certain market condition, then lose it all when the market behavior changes. Over the past 3 months, bout 300.20% NET profit was made by the