Express Generator is the Only and Fastest Command Line Backtester and Strategy Generator

Offline strategy generation

Traders can generate strategies without internet access using the Express Generator. The software works three to four times faster than EA Studio, and it automates everything.

One click does it all

Traders can download historical data using the Express Generator, create strategies using predefined acceptance criteria, and analyze them by Monte Carlo with one click.

Setting up is easy.

The INI file contains examples and comments that will assist traders in automating generation. Beginners without coding skills should do this.

Strong, Proven Foundation

With Express Generator, every step of the process is automated, complementing EA Studio and FSB Pro. Furthermore, it consumes little system resources, so it can run more than one instance simultaneously.

The Express Generator

With this tool, you can perform backtesting and generator easily if you know EA Studio or FSB Pro. Thousands of strategies can be grouped into collections by running multiple generators simultaneously with minimal system resources.

Files with custom settings

Default settings are stored in an INI file for Express Generator. Due to its ease of use and ability to accommodate comments, this format is ideal for that.
Default settings can also be overridden by custom settings files. Traders only need to specify the options they want to modify, which makes customization easier.

Shell-based Express Generator

Express Generator is run directly from the shell.
On Windows, PowerShell or Command Prompt can be used. Other terminals, such as Bit Bash, Cygwin, or Mingw-w64, are also supported. On macOS and Linux, PowerShell can be used, as well as native SH and Bash scripts.
Options in the settings files are overridden by the command line parameters.
The settings files contain options, all of which can be used as command line parameters.

Workflow automation

In Express Generator, one command with certain settings can start another command with four different settings.
By doing this, we can run different configurations with just a click, and we have a variety of options to choose from.

Fetch forex data

FX rates are fetched by Express Generator using the following command: node .\bin\fetch.js –fx-rates true
Trading Academy's Premium Data service can be used by Express Generator to fetch historical data. The application provides access to all 28 major forex symbols, cryptocurrencies, and indices, as well as several major stocks.
The period and length of data series can be specified by traders, along with the symbol or symbols they want to fetch as in this command: node .\bin\fetch.js –symbols EURUSD GBPUSD –periods M5 M15 M30 –max-data-bars 50000
Data timezones can also be changed. For example, the command node ./bin/fetch.js –time-zone 2 can be used to fetch Central European Time UTC + 2.

Express Generator features

With Express Generator, you can create collections for EA Studio and FSB Pro based on new strategies. Although it has many of the same features as EA Studio, it is much faster and consumes far fewer resources.

  • Historical data – Select the symbol and period to use Premium Data. You can also use MetaTrader data files.

  • Input collections – This feature allows you to specify a collection, collection folder, or more for loading and validating.

  • Output collections – Name the generated collections with placeholders so they are easy to recall.

  • Validate then Generate – Use this feature to validate a collection and then generate new strategies.

  • Custom collection size – Collection sizes are unlimited with Express Generator.

  • Correlation analysis – Balance Line and other logical rule correlations are automatically recognized and resolved by the Collection.

  • Generator limitations – Time, ascended strategies, and calculated strategies can stop the Generator.

  • Acceptance Criteria - The most common backtest stats, such as stagnation and R-squared, are supported.

  • Account Settings – Choose the trading account currency, initial amount, and entry lots.

  • Trade direction modes – Supports long-only trading.

  • Opposite direction signals– A signal in the opposite direction can reverse a position.

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit – Usability and range of Stop Loss and Take Profit are adjustable.

  • Data Horizon – Determine the test start and end dates, as well as the number of bars.

  • Out of sample – The date range has very convenient beginning and ending dates.

  • Trading Session – Opening and closing hours. Sunday trading options. End-of-session options for closing trades.

  • Symbol info – Swaps, spreads, and commissions customization.

  • Indicators usage – The indicators that should be used by the Generator can be set.

  • Auto-save collection – All collections can be exported when in progress by Express Generator.

  • Monte Carlo – Validations using Monte Carlo with its Acceptance Criteria

Published On Wed, 3 Apr 2024

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