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BTC FAPT v2.4 Combo 2016 Summer Premium Update
Published on Mon May 9th, 2016

BTC & FAPTv2.4 Combo; the latest version of the legendary FapTurbo Forex robot has been released about 6 months ago, and as its developers promised to keep it always up to date for the market, they have just completed the 2016 summer months optimized settings for this version after a hard work since it was released. These updated settings should be available on their official sever and as this version has an auto-update capability, the existing users just need to restart their MetaTrader, then the Preset update name will be displayed on the chart for April to October 2016 denoting a successful update, as seen in the screenshot below:

BTC & FAPTv2.4 Combo 2016 Summer Settings

These new settings have been specifically created focusing on the period from April to October during which it should gain the best possible profits. During the last 4 months - from Jan to Apr 2016 - the robot could generate a total profit of +627,200. This is a great opportunity for those who are still didn't get a copy of the latest BTC&FAPTv2.4 Combo Premium (beta) version, which is available in the developers preferred brokers, MyFxChoice and/or Tallinex!

Updated Settings Backtesting Results

The combo MTS + Flash strategies of the robot are finely tuned in the new update to deliver the best possible results in the next few summer months, it trades more frequently, thanks to the new Predictive Filter, it automatically closes trades whenever a new Direction Turn point is detected which means a significant change in the currency pair's trend.

The long-term profits generated by the robot with the new Daily Predictive Filter and the updated optimized settings could reach +$1.53 Million over all the tradable pairs from Jan 2010 till now with preserving the best results in the medium term range, while just during the past 4 months from Jan to Apr 2016 its profits reached +627,200.

This is a quick look on graphs & profit figures for those results!

FAPT v2.4 PREMIUM Equity Charts - with updated Settings (from Jan 1010 to Apr 2016 with Focus Periods between Apr to Oct)

BTCUSD MTS mode: Profit = +$34.66k @ 1 lot on Bitcoin


GBPUSD MTS + Flash: Profit = +$18.39k @ 0.1 lot


EURUSD MTS + Flash: Profit = +$15.797k @ 0.1 lot


EURGBP MTS + Flash: Profit = +$13.477k@ 0.1 lot


GBPCHF MTS + Flash: Profit = +$12.57k @ 0.1 lot


USDCAD MTS + Flash: Profit = +$8.38k@ 0.1 lot


Legacy Scalper Profit on EURUSD, M1 = +$11.6k from Jan 2010 to Apr 2016

Since BTC & FAPTv2.2, turning the robot to run as the basic former Scalper option was available, so it can run just like the legacy FAPT Premium versions the very prime ones that formed the base core for the current new versions.

This can be done in the robot settings by switching UseStrategy to 2, the best profits in this case can be obtained by running or backtesting the robot on EURUSD, M1 while the Scalper defaults are always the same whatever the traded pair is! Here is the historical performance of the Legacy Scalper:

Legacy Scalper Profit on EURUSD, M1

As a reminder, leaving the UseStrategy set to 4 will let the robot run the very latest optimized MTS + Flash settings, setting UseStrategy to 1 will run it for MTS only, while setting UseStrategy to 2 will just run the legacy Scalper alone.

Best Profiting Pairs

Till date, for trading with FAPT robots:

  • The best profitable pairs:
    1. Bitcoin (both modes on BTCUSD).
  • The safest and most stable pair is still EURCHF.
  • Its recommended for maximum profitability to trade with:
    1. UseStrategy = Mode 4 (i.e., MTS + Flash) on ALL 7 Forex pairs.
    2. Legacy Scalper on EURUSD,M1 chart
    3. BTCv2.4 on 2 Bitcoin charts in both MTS & Scalper modes.

BTC & FAPTv2.4 Combo Improvements:

Daily Trend Predictive Filter

This is a brand new trend filter type which was first integrated into FAPT2.x series. It's an independent technical predictor that uses non-linear regression and a group of other predictive techniques.

It can efficiently predict the Direction and Probability percentage of the medium-to-long term trend on daily basis.

Thanks to this filter, the TradeDirection can be automatically determined and controlled by the robot to yield the highest profits over time. For almost 6 years with BTC & FAPTv2.4 Combo Premium robots, it could increase the profit by about 218%.

Daily updated prediction data are available on the robot's official server which it checks daily to determine the current day best TradeDirection which allows both Buys and Sells but can be set to limit trades to either direction according to the new Predictive Filter results.

BTC & FAPTv2.4 Combo Daily Trend Predictive Filter

Values of the Predictive Filter’s Direction/Probability% range from -100% to +100% passing with zero%, where values above zero% indicate that the predicted trend is in the Buy/Long direction, while values below zero% indicates that the predicted trend is in the Sell/Short direction, -21.40% value seen in the screenshot above is an example.

The predicted Direction/Probability% value must cross the set Threshold%s in order for the Predictive Filter to confirm certain direction.


This is the most important parameter to well understand what the new Predictive Filter, it's the main parameter that controls the Predictive Filter effect on the robot's Trade Direction and trades with the following values:

  • ​0 (Off): The TradeDirection will not be changed even if the thresholds is crossed by the prediction values which with the Predictive Filter's settings will still be displayed on the chart.
  • 1 (Filter Only): The Predictive Filter is active and the allowed TradeDirection will be changed according to the predicted Direction/Probability% when it crosses the set thresholds% (PredBuyProbThresholdPercent and PredSellProbThresholdPercent are the new parameters shown in the screenshot below). While the Filter will absolutely disallow new trades opposite to the predicted Trend direction to be opened, it will not affect the already opened ones.Daily Trend Prediction Graph - Direction/Probability% vs. Time
  • 2 (Exit and Filter): Added to the Predictive Filter behavior when PredictiveDailyTrendFilterMode is set to "1", it will also CLOSE out any previously opened trades on the pair if they are not parallel to the newly predicted trend! This protects from turning them to losing trades by going against the trend.
  • -1 (Default Value): This value means that the best mode for the running pair will be selected according to the received latest optimized settings from the robot's official server. While this is the default value for PredictiveDailyTrendFilterMode, in the majority of cases, it will be set to "2" to behave as described before.


This feature runs in synergism with the Predictive Filter as discussed before, it enable the robot to efficiently control its opened trades general trend direction to allow only Buys, only Sells or both together. This is applicable to MTS/Scalp and Flash modes but not to the Long-term trader. It has the following values as well:

  • 2: Buys and Sells will both be allowed unrestricted by the Predictive Filter.
  • 1: Buys only will be allowed.
  • 0: NO trading will be executed.
  • -1: Sells only will be allowed.
  • -2: By default, the server's Predictive Filter will be checked where trading in both directions will be allowed in most cases to behave as if it was set to "2", unless the overall trend was determined by the Predictive Filter to be probably going strongly towards Buy or Sell direction where TradeDirection will follow by limiting trading to either Buys only or Sells only. These Predictive Filter data are always available on the robot's official server and it can be obtained whenever the latest settings and instructions are checked, and on a daily basis too.

MTScalp_ & Flash_RiskPercent

RiskPercent is a new additional safety measure for both MTS and Flash modes to limit trades volume y a percentage of the account balance. It's set to "0%" by default which means that it's disabled and will not limit trades total size, but once it as set to a positive value greater than that, it will be checked on every opened trade for mode and pair, so if it's losing, the loss is compared to the predetermined RiskPercent and if the trade loss was greater, this trade will be closed to stop further losses.

Further Risk Limitation with Flash

FAPT Flash was first integrated into the FAPT2 series in the previous FAPTv2.3 combo version to target making quick, short-term profits by opening up to TWO trades on each pair the 1st trade has a smaller TakeProfit while the 2nd usually has a higher TakeProfit. This is considered a risky strategy that can make high profits and great losses too, so it's advised to use it cautiously and avoid trading Flash with both trades active on each pair.

Flash_TakeProfit2 is a new available option to limit Flash trades opening per currency pair to only ONE trade, it is a good Flash mode risk limiting option with the following values:

  • 0: The default value where the 2nd trade will not be executed making trading with the combo/Flash mode much safer.
  • -1: This will allow the 2nd trade and let the robot determine the best TakeProfit value for pair.
  • Pips Value: This will also allow the 2nd trade but will force the robot to set the TakeProfit according to this value.

Recommended Account Balance

The minimum recommended account balance for the maximum possible profits is $2000 to $5000 or more with the following boundaries:

  1. Accounts within this range can safely trade the default combo UseStrategymode set to "4" with both MTS and Flash enabled, while Flash will open only one trade per pair.
  2. Accounts larger than $5000 to $10k can safely set Flash_TakeProfit2 to -1 to let Flash open two trades per pair.
  3. Accounts less that $500 to $1000 are not recommended to trade Flash combined with MTS and should set UseStrategy to "1" instead of "4" allowing only MTS mode to run.

Important: As Flash mode is not designed to run on Bitcoin (BTCUSD), it is not included in BTC FAPTv2.4 Premium version.

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