Published on Sun Jun 23rd, 2013

There are many other vehicles to invest money such as Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, and without a doubt these are respectable investments, but ...

If you applied a further search for new opportunities such a piece of real estate or a stock with dividends or a safe bond. You will see more and more support that Forex is the true answer to wealth generation and speedy account growth.

This is a brief description of each of these opportunities:

Real Estate - You take on too much risk. You can't sell off if you need to quick. You have tenant issues, risk of tenants not paying, too many headaches, not passive.

Bonds - Safe bonds have low returns and then there are bonds from countries, which I'm concerned about considering the world economic view right now. The more dangerous bonds no point of even considering, because then what's the point of investing in bonds then?

Stocks - Less leverage to make big gains. Stocks generally don't move with high volatility like currency. There are dividends, but typically a stock will go down with pay outs.

Basically all these options are NOT bad, but they entail risk and slower return. I'm all for them for preserving your wealth, but not for growing your wealth.

The fastest way to grow wealth with investments is without a doubt Forex.

You can leverage enormous amounts of money with no risk of owing more money, plus there is enough volatility to make double digit gains within minutes!

With the right system and right money management you can grow wealth in Forex with more certainty and less stress than Real Estate, Bonds, and Stocks.

That's exactly how many persons thrive in these markets. They use the right system that they trust and depend on.

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