Published on Thu Nov 23rd, 2017

Black Friday 500 USD Discount on StrategyQuant X Software Including Valuable Bonuses

This is a unique opportunity available only until 26th November!

StrategyQuant X 2017 Black Friday Bonuses

  • PRO Version of StrategyQuant X, the outstanding software for strategy development using the first level of artificial intelligence.
  • E-book 56-page guide on how to trade profitably.
  • Portfolio of six strategies.
  • Free guidance and support over Skype.
  • Access to trading Community.
  • 25-lesson online video course.

StrategyQuant X Users will be Efficiently Able to

  • Develop profitable trading robots without programming skills.
  • Recognize profitable robots and how to trade them profitably.
  • Easily learn how to become a successful trader!

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Latest StrategyQuant X News and Updates

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2017 Black Friday at StrategyQuant - $500 off Black Friday 500 USD discount on StategyQuant software including valuable bonuses. ​This is a unique opportunity available only until 26th November!
StrategyQuant Black Friday - 33% Off All Prices On the next Black Friday, StrategyQuant PRO will be discounted by 33% ($500) in addition to other valuable bonuses. Here is the full package details

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