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Forex Striker Review Introduction

Forex Striker is a recent Forex robot being released by the authors of Fapturbo, and their most recent product commodity Code. It includes detailed user manual, one-on-one support and installation assistance plus ticket to the traders convention in 2014 in the Alpes, Austria. They could get and publish a patent for their robot an interesting feature. It's unclear if they have just patented the robot itself, or the strategy it performance based on. That's OK but this doesn't mean it should have well performance, you are easily able to obtain a patent yourself for any piece of software you make, so there's nothing new.

This is not a one button "Get Rich Quickly" product, you won't see immediate results, this is a long term investment, but stable and easy, this means that it does not win every trade along the day, but its wins are more than its losses in other words, at the end of the month or may be the second month the profits made would be very satisfying. Basically at the end of every year you could expect a large amount of profit.

After installing the EA there will be a very little effort setting it up. The most time will be due to waiting for your chosen broker to set up the account that will be used to run FX Striker on. If you're new to Forex then the trading software that you attach FX Striker to may seem to be a little complicated at first, but a Forex robot is what we use to do our bidding.

Trading Idea

Forex Striker is a scalping Forex robot, trading on the 5M timeframe, can run on accounts of as little as $500 - $1000, with a risk of only 3% per trade, the robot codes are simplified facilitating the control of memory overloads in the computer which can lead in PC crashes, the robot is able to adjust the trade's SL/TP values according to the market movements, it can also track floating spreads and execute them into the trading strategy.


Setting up the EA is so easy, usual meta trader platform is suitable. You integrate it with the robot and in a few steps you'll be ready to go. It can trade with almost any currency pair. Forex Striker can make 8 profitable trades before failing one on average

Forex Striker Robot allows you to join real live trading Forex experts, copy and paste their trades, this is how the EA thinks and adapts, it trades on completely autopilot. Their signals are actually just been shared with the EA trades, and for this they got paid.

In fact you'll get a robot programmed to be able to use the most accurate techniques to make a profit. So it's not just standard EA that keeps trying the same manner for ever till making a success, but this is a totally different robot working under different circumstances.

The Bottom Line

Nothing to say more than that the EA is the best of all in the market. It's firm with minimum trades of risk, the latest update 1.2 included updated settings and several other updates that should further enhance its performance.

Finally I highly encourage you to get your incredible copy of that EA as soon as possible as the membership open spots for clients are limited, it may be costly more than other EAs - to some of you - but the end results and real profits waiting for you there with Forex Striker are not comparable with those ones.

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Last Updated On Fri, 14 Feb 2014

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