Published on Tue Apr 1st, 2014

Omni Forex is an automated Forex system that analyzes the Forex market activity on historic basis to find out the main currency pairs real-time trading opportunities. It has a professional IT and financial mathematicians team that worked on this project for years to produce such intelligent Forex trading solution.

Omni Forex Trading Strategies

You can choose your preferred trading strategy depending on your available timeframe and desired trading style.

  1. Intraday: 3 to 6 closed trades a day.
  2. Daily: One trade a day.
  3. Weekly: One trade a week.

Every strategy is applied on each major currency pair to generate real-time signals and get delivered to you whenever you are able to trade, a delivered signal will indicate the recommended time to buy, the Get Profit level and the Stop Loss level.

Omn iForex Tradable Currency Pairs

A sum of 18 Forex currency pairs can be traded by Omni Forex.


What's inside Omni Forex Members Area

Inside the Omni Forex Members Area you'll have access to:

  • The Omni Forex 3 strategies including their ready to use trading signals.
  • Real-time Forex market quotes.
  • A terrific collection of updated Forex Market news.
Omni Forex Members Area Access

Also in the Members Area:

  • A detailed online manual: Containing Forex basics, FAQ, Glossary, thorough instructions on how to use Omni Forex signals.
  • Settings page: to switch between the 3 trading strategies to comply with your trading schedule.
  • Links: to the top online brokers.
  • Helpdesk: to answer any question you ask and can guide you to start trading.

Omni Forex Service Advantages:

  1. Omni Forex is live since 2009.
  2. Provided in 2 different languages; English and Italian.
  3. $4.99 Free trial is available.
  4. 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you had any bad experience or know any disadvantages about Omni Forex Signals service, please add your review in the comments box below.

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